Why Choose Us
CPS has an automated response function for any cell phone from the simplest to the most sophisticated smart phone. You do not have to go through an operator and wait to be assisted. CPS responses are generated automatically by the platform regardless of the cellphone technology you have.
The user is not forced to leave his credit card open and find month end surprises. You have the advantage of buying prepaid time to park as often as desired, the system automatically provides the balance every time you use the system.
CPS users have the ability to use multiple ways to access the system, any type of phone, SMS or communication tower in case of not having the above options.
Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the parking needs of all the cities and private entities, providing effective solutions through cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY thus contributing to the positive development of our society.

Our Vission

Being a global leader in the development and marketing of payment systems and parking control by implementing technologies, always oriented to the welfare and progress of society with a great capacity to innovate and create value in each one of our products and services.

Our Values

Values are more important to CPS's commitment, efficiency, respect for the environment, ethics, excellence, accountability, innovation, care for people, dedication to service, teamwork and employment and development of the technologies most suitable to carry out excellently our Vision and our Mission.