CPS SMS - List of Commands

Possibility 1:
You must send a single message with area code if and only if it is from the same cell phone that we checked and if we have only seen a single vehicle.
example: 1001

Possibility 2:
You can send a message specifying the license plate and the area.

Possibility 3:
You can send a message specifying the unique code and zone plate. This we do when we go to park from a mobile which is not ours and we have therefore not registered.
Vehicle Register
To add a vehicle to our account we must send a message :
Exaple: *BJJ118
View information
To view the account information and this will be done from the mobile in which you register, send an empty message, but if you do it from another mobile is sent UC
example: BBB554A
View registered vehicles
It sends a text message with the message** from the phone with which you registered
example: **
Reload Balance
To recharge the balance is sent a text message with the messagePIN*UC
example: 9978001*BBB554A